Monday, October 6, 2008

Chocolate Truffle Fun~!

Yesterday, I was suddenly inspired to make chocolate truffles. :D Took the opportunity to get the required ingredients while I stocked up on groceries at Carrefour.

An advantage I had while making the truffles was that I've got a number of ceramic soup mugs *free from purchases of food stuff*. These are great for melting chocolate over hot water. :) And have a few types of chocolate to coat the truffles with at one time. :)

{ Rows of yumminess to fatten me up ♥ }

This was actually my first time making truffles. Learnt a few lessons. >.<

I made a few varieties. The first one consisted of finely crushed McVites' digestive biscuits, cream cheese spread *whole tub leftover from the carrot pancakes*, condensed milk and puffed rice. Except for a mistake I made, they tasted absolutely yummy~! Well, shouldn't have included the puffed rice with condensed milk present. The milk somewhat soaks into the puffs and took out their crunch, making them a little bloated with sogginess. T-T But still, the cream cheese and sweet-smelling biscuts made up for it. ^-^" Coated these with chocolate rice and cocoa powder.

The next truffle I made with melted Van Houten milk chocolate and Lady's Choice peanut butter, with Rice Krispies *the puffed rice*. This was was good, in terms of moldability and rice puffs's crispiness. :) And then I tried coating these with melted Toblerone white chocolate. *white made them into a gigantic ball*.

Then, I made yet another truffle with the left overs of milk chocolate and a little whipping cream. Added raisins. :P And topped these off with chocolate curls from my Marks & Spencer's cereal. XD

And finally, the last truffle was made with Hershey's milk chocolate chips. This one turned out a total failure after I added a tablespoon of condensed milk to it. The whole thing just acquired a plasticine-like consistency. So I rolled it out like a fondant, and cut out flower shapes. :P *Phew* Glad it didn't go to waste.

Had some of these wrapped into gifts. :)

It was fun making these. :P I know I should be poring over antipsychotics and psychotomimetics then, but I just couldn't help myself. ^-^"

{ I ♥ chocolate truffles }

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ractangel chocolate was mine..
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